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Compliance Check

Let us help you doing buiness in the Netherlands with our Compliance Services

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The all-in-one compliance check!

If you want to do business with integrity and an independent check of your (potential) customer or supplier, we can easily help you.

Let us help you doing business in the Netherlands.

Compliance check at Intotax

We only need a few moments of your time and we will get to work for you and share the report within a few days for a fixed price.

Our services are not purely automatic, but also based on personal findings and principles, done by people with extensive experience with AML compliance.

This common sense also prescribes Dutch legislation and is therefore more reliable than purely automatic reports.

With our Netherlands company compliance check we can offer the following independent and confidential report:

full compliance report

UBO Check

Identify UBO’s or directors

Document authenticating

Client representation check

Sanction Check

Checks UBO’s or directors on digital controlling of the US, VN, NL and the EU- sanction lists

Checks UBO’s or directors on high risk countries

PEP Check

Checks UBO’s or directors on politically exposed persons or family members

Adverse Media check

Checks for bad press on UBO’s or directors

Organisation Media Check


Ownership structures

Control structures

Risk Assessment and Classification

Client Risk

Structure risk

Sector risk

Transaction Risk

Tom Paymans

Tom is our compliance officer of Intotax. He has many years of experience in Netherlands compliance and AML. He worked for banks and financial institutions and he is a specialist in company Compliance, Risk and Anti Money Laundering. He can help navigate the Dutch regulatory environment, support your complete customer journey and help check and manage potential customer risks.

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Why Intotax

Get a complete compliance check/rapport in 3 easy steps;

Chamber of Commerce

1. Share Netherlands Chamber of Commerce number of the company you would like to check

Fixed price

2. Receive a fixed price for your compliance check

Full compliance rapport

3. After approval: Within a few days receive a full compliance report

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