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Compliance Support

Our legal team has many years of experience in Netherlands AML compliance. We can support you or your legal team with your compliance obligations, help to comply with Dutch AML regulations and make sure you are doing business with integrity!

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Secretarial Services

Dutch regulatory requirements are making it more important each year for companies to prove they are doing business with trustworthy and compliant counterparties. ‘For businesses operating within a global context it is important to effectively manage your compliance risks.

Together with the latest software screening tools and a good chunk of ‘common sense’, we offer  complete compliance solutions.

After our compliance check you can make sure your company is compliant with the local and international legislation and is doing business with integrity.

Let us help you doing business in the Netherlands.

A healthy dose of common sense, instead of just 'tick the compliance box'

Tom Paymans

Tom is our compliance officer of Intotax. He has many years of experience in Netherlands compliance and AML. He worked for banks and financial institutions and he is a specialist in company Compliance, Risk and Anti Money Laundering. He can help navigate the Dutch regulatory environment, support your complete customer journey and help check and manage potential customer risks.

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Why Intotax

What we can offer;

Support of your compliance department

• Periodic Reviews of your customers and suppliers (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
• Drafting or tightening of your compliance policy
• Reporting of unusual and suspicious transactions with the FIU
• Compliance training and educational content for your employees

Outsourcing of your compliance activities

• Remediation (recovery project)
• Creation of you company’s compliance policy
• Onboarding
• Monitoring
• Control measures
• Exit strategies
• Fixation

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