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Bjorn Wagemakers


Bjorn Wagemakers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Intotax as the CEO, Owner, and CCO. With dozens of years of experience in international taxation in the Netherlands, Bjorn is well-versed in the intricacies of tax law and its implications for businesses operating in a global context. His leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in establishing Intotax as a trusted advisor in the field of international taxation.

Fahim Ziai

CFO and Co-founder

Fahim Ziai is our esteemed financial controller. Boasting over two decades of experience in finance and Dutch fiscal law. With a solid foundation in accounting, he has become renowned for his ability to guide both local and international entrepreneurs towards financial success. Besides Dutch as his main language he is also fluent in Persian. He stands as a beacon of financial expertise within our corporate team, overseeing our most critical financial tasks with attention to detail. As a trusted mentor and collaborative team player, Fahim inspires excellence and innovation in all aspects of our financial endeavors.

Wim Wagemakers

Head of Bookkeeping Department

As the CFO and Head of the Bookkeeping Department, Wim Wagemakers plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial stability and efficiency of Intotax. With over 30 years of experience as the Financial Director of the international catering wholesaler ISPC Hanos, Wim brings a wealth of expertise in financial management and accounting. His meticulous approach and attention to detail enable Intotax to maintain accurate and transparent financial records.

Tom Paymans

compliance officer

Tom is our compliance officer of Intotax. He has many years of experience in Netherlands compliance and AML. He worked for banks and financial institutions and he is a specialist in company Compliance, Risk and Anti Money Laundering. He can help navigate the Dutch regulatory environment, support your complete customer journey and help check and manage potential customer risks.

Mandy van Oosterhout

CMO and website manager

Mandy van Oosterhout serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Intotax and is responsible for managing Intotax’s website. With decades of experience in the marketing business and owning multiple companies, Mandy brings a strategic and innovative mindset to the table. Her expertise in brand development, market research, and digital marketing strategies allows Intotax to effectively communicate its value proposition to clients and stakeholders.

Iris Willemsen

Junior consultant

Iris Willemsen is our Junior Consultant

At Intotax, our team’s collective knowledge and diverse skill sets allow us to provide comprehensive international taxation solutions to our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, staying up-to-date with the latest tax regulations, and helping businesses thrive in a global marketplace.

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