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Let us help you doing E-Commerce in Holland

Let us help you doing business in the Netherlands.

Let us help you doing E-Commerce in Holland

The perfect gateway through millions

Ecommerce is the perfect gateway through millions of customers, in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Explore what selling through ecommerce can mean for your business and see how we at InToTax can help you achieve your goals!
International Business in the Netherlands

Let us help you doing E-Commerce

We at InToTax can help you set up your ecommerce for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We can help you with setting up the company, create a webshop for you, or help you apply to existing marketplaces where you can sell as a partner. We can manage social media for you to support your business or manage your SEO and SEA. Together with our partners we can even help you with fulfillment.

The Netherlands showed an early adoption of e-commerce, thanks to its high internet penetration. Using some very strong online e-commerce platforms, like, Amazon, Google Shopping and Facebook Marketplaces, the total E-commerce was more than 340 million orders in 2022. 

Facts about the Dutch E-Commerce​

• In 2022, the Dutch e-commerce industry was valued at 33.3 billion euros.
• The Dutch e-commerce market has grown by nearly 20 billion euros in the last decade.
• Over three percent of the Netherlands’ GDP is derived from online shopping.
• The country ranks as the seventh-largest e-commerce market in Europe.
• In 2023, more than half a billion people in Europe used online retail.

What are the perks of selling through e-commerce?

• Easy access to millions of customers
• Stepping stone to the rest of Europe
• A low risk: little to no start up costs
• Selling on multiple platforms to reach more possible buyers

The perfect location for E-Commerce

In the heart of Europe lies a corridor of innovation, opportunity, and boundless potential—the Blue Banana Zone. Stretching from London to Milan, this vibrant region is a melting pot of culture, creativity, and economic prowess. The Netherlands, and especially the South where InToTax is located, is at the center of the Blue Banana Zone. InToTax will help your company thrive in this economic and business hot spot.

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